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For this project, I worked in a  group to devise a campaign for a Condé Nast publication in collaboration with a charity. We chose LOVE as our publication, and Turn2Us as the charity. Turn2Us help people in financial hardship gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and support services. LOVE as a publication targets a younger audience to its other Condé Nast brands. We believed younger people have less stigma surrounding this topic and would be more comfortable and interested in financial support as young creatives. The campaign idea consisted of auction events, talks, Instagram takeovers and more to spotlight the charity and raise awareness through the publication. One of my roles in the project was to design the cover. I created a digital cover with animation and a print cover, where the cutouts on the page would feel 3D and a sticker pack would come with the issue. The cut-out designs are all garments from small brands auctioning their products in aid of the charity.

LOVE X Turn2Us Mock Up
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