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We were briefed to design a campaign to attract a younger audience towards the BOSS line for this project. Inspired by the government's announcement at the time for creatives to 'Rethink.Reskill.Reboot.' their careers in light of COVID-19, I wanted to spotlight the arts, featuring a collaboration between Boss and three diverse London-based artists. Each artist will design a t-shirt for the collaboration, and their journey and development will be documented via social media. The campaign strategy was very digital, comprising of videos, moving logos, and filters, enthusing and attracting the digitally native youth BOSS wanted to attract, separate from their HUGO young audience.  I also wanted to highlight the sustainability strategy of Hugo Boss and push this forward in the products on sale, relevant to the zeitgeist of consciousness.

Webpage mock up
Product web-page mock-up.
Instagram Teasers for each artist.
Reveal of the BOSS Collective as an advertisement on Instagram and TikTok.
Three digitised stickers via IG Filter. Each artwork representing an individual designer. 
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